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There are several public dungeons and approximately fifty independent dominatrices to choose from in Chicago, so why should you select me?  You should decide to see me, because there are three striking differences between me and your other options.


Most importantly, I am truly into sissies, cross-dressers, and transwomen.  Go ahead and ask any dominatrix whether she has ever attended a convention geared toward gender issues, like Be-All in Chicago or the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta.  I am willing to bet that she is clueless about what you are even talking about.  I regularly attend such functions.  I am truly vested in the trans community.  I care.  I am not just going through the motions.  I love bringing the woman out of a man.  Not only does it turn me on, but I get it!


"Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

Albert Einstein


Another major difference you'll find between me and your other choices is the facility that you'll visit.  Mine is safe, discreet, and amazingly-equipped.  No more driving around for hours looking for parking, paying to park, or wondering about the safety of your vehicle.  My facility offers ample, safe, free driveway parking right out front.  Your discretion is completely assured at my space.  It is not a public dungeon, so you won't run into another client, which frequently happens at public dungeons.  Now, let's talk about equipment!  I have everything, and that is not an overstatement.  I invested tens of thousands of dollars into Sissyville Salon.


Tired of ratty, knotted wigs that smell like the last guy who wore them?

I guarantee all of my wigs are high-end, well-maintained, freshly washed, and combed out before you wear them!


Frightened of Halloween wigs that make you look like a clown?

My wigs are top quality.  I have both synthetic and human hair wigs in a variety of styles, lengths, and colors, from matronly to playful.  Ask other dommes and dungeons if they have spent a few hundred dollars on just one wig.  You deserve quality.


Afraid of what you might catch from that lipstick?  Egad!

I have oodles of makeup to bring out your feminine persona.  The difference is that I will mostly use samples, one time use cosmetics, so no more possible Herpes infections.  If I do use a cosmetic that is utilized more than once, it is gathered on a disposable applicator or brush, so there is no cross-contamination.  In addition, I only use high end prestige brand makeup, not stuff picked up in the bargain bin at the local dollar store.  The makeup area has a director's chair, to ensure your comfort.  There is also an airbrush system.  Airbrush makeup is sanitary and great at covering scars, blemishes, and hair growth.


Finding it tough to walk in those smelly shoes?

Most dungeons/dominas have a couple of sizes of shoes they found at a thrift store.  They are ill-fitting, smelly, and lacking in variety.  The shoe selection at Sissyville Salon is astounding.  I have, literally, hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots for you.  I realize that not every person can walk in 6" heels, so I offer everything from flats to sky high heels, a whole range of heel heights.  I also know that you need a wide assortment to choose from, so you can achieve the look you desire.  That's why I stock a variety of styles from casual to dressy, including sandals, loafers, flats, wedges, fetish shoes, Mary Jane's, sissy baby shoes, pumps, open-toe designs, ballet shoes , knee high boots, and thigh high boots in women's sizes ranging from women's 8 to 18.  I buy all shoes new.  Every shoe is cleaned and disinfected after it is worn, so there is no chance of contracting Athlete's Foot or experiencing an offensive odor emanating from your shoes.


Sick and tired of being a one look wonder?

Most dominatrices and dungeons are stuck under the misconception that everyone who visits them wants to look like a slut, so they dress them in a ratty old wig, smelly stripper shoes that don't fit, and some variation on a theme of hooker lingerie.  Not me, because I get it!  I know that you might not fit into that category of client.  I can turn you into a cheerleader, French maid, Edwardian maid, nurse, sissy maid, secretary, slut, sissy baby, hooker, seductress, bride, punk rock chick, Goth girl, Miss Priss, Dorothy, or daytime fish (that's gay-speak for looking like a regular woman).  All costumes and clothes in Sissyville Salon were purchased new, not from a thrift store.  Every outfit is washed after it is worn, so you won't smell the last client's BO, like you do at most dungeons (ask them to show you their washer and dryer - exactly!).  You'll be surprised at the designer labels on the clothes in which I dress you.  I feel you deserve the best, so I often spend several hundred dollars on a single outfit for Sissyville Salon's transformation closet.  Feel like a fashionista!


Feel the details are being overlooked?

Most dungeons/dominatrices overlook the importance of details.  I think the right accessories make all the difference.  That's why I stock plenty of clip-on earrings, stretch bracelets, long necklaces, large size rings, scarves, hats, gloves, press-on nails, temporary tattoos, makeup shades, false eyelashes, hosiery, lingerie, corsets, footwear, purses, wigs, tiaras, fur coats, costumes, and clothing.  It's all in the details, baby!


Is the illusion just not there?

So, you went to a dungeon and the domina dressed you up, but you just can't put your finger on what's missing.  It's the illusion, sweetie.  To truly bring out your feminine mystique, we need to hide your twig and berries with a gaff and build a chest and hips that Mae West would envy.  This is precisely why I have invested thousands of dollars in a wide array of hip pads, waist cinchers, pussy panties, corsets, butt pads, gaffs, chest plates, and falsies (boobs).  We can make your manhood disappear and the curvy gal in you shine!


The final difference between me and other dominatrices is results.  It seems most dominas are one trick ponies.  They throw an old, smelly wig on you and call it a day.  You wind up looking like a caricature.  If that's the look you want, I can do that.  If you want to look twice your age, I can do that, too.  However, my forte lies in creating an age-appropriate look for you that brings out your feminine persona, whether that persona is a slut, secretary, particular character, or everyday woman.


Choose me and Sissyville Salon, and you will feel the fantasy, becoming addicted to the finest available gender-bending in Chicagoland.


By Madeline Schadenfreude


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