Chicago Feminization

Chicago Feminization Live Sessions


Chicago Feminization SessionsA live session is one that takes place at Sissyville. You visit to see me in person.

To schedule a live session, please follow the instructions given below.

You must request a live session at least 24 hours before you wish to arrive.

The session booking form contains a comments field. This entry box is ideal for listing specific requests, such as wearing a particular costume, going on an outing, incorporating bondage, getting an old-fashioned OTK spanking, being erotically humiliated, et cetera.


If we have yet to meet, you must fill out my session booking form.

Before you press the session booking form submit button, proofread your entries to ensure accuracy. My vetting process is painless, as long as you provide correct information.

I go to great lengths to ensure your privacy and the safety of your personal information. The booking form is located on a secure, encrypted site. All information you provide on my session booking form comes to me via encrypted email. Therefore, it cannot be hacked. Your information is perfectly safe. Once I am done processing your form, I permanently delete it from my secure gmail account.

Discretion is both guaranteed by me and expected from you.


If you have seen me before, you may text me to schedule another session. If you lost my number, email me for a reminder.



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