Chicago Feminization

Chicago Feminization Rates


Sissy Maid Chicago Please, do not try to negotiate my rates. I gave them careful consideration, before posting them. I feel they are fair and in line with what the current market will bear. Attempts to negotiate my rates will insult me.

$300...1 hour
$500...2 hours
$700...3 hours
$900...4 hours
$1,000...8 hours
$1,500...12 hours
$2,000...24 hours (1 day)
$2,500...48 hours (2 days)
$3,000...72 hours (3 days)
$3,500...96 hours (4 days)
$4,000...120 hours (5 days)
$4,500...144 hours (6 days)
$5,000...168 hours (1 week)
$7,500...336 hours (2 weeks)
$10,000...504 hours (3 weeks)
$12,500...672 hours (4 weeks)


I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your appointment. If you must reschedule your session, your deposit will be applied to your rescheduled session. If you prefer to pre-pay your session, you may pay 100% of my remuneration in advance.

Payment Options

In addition to cash, I also accept the following.

Credit And Debit Cards
Amazon E-gift Card
Cash App


I am not a prostitute. I am a BDSM professional. My services are on the up and up. I do not offer sexual services of any kind, including the following.

Jobs (unless you want to wash my car or mow my lawn)
Happy endings
Body worship
A helping hand (unless you need to change a flat tire)
Rusty trombones
Dutch rudders
Kentucky Klondike bars
Back alley rim jobs
Donkey punches
Mississippi birdbaths
Hot Richards
Staring contests

I remain fully clothed during our session. You have no business even thinking about my vajayjay. You are so not worthy of my attention, that it isn't even funny. Did I mention that your faggot ass ain't gettin' none of my hotness? If you are that horny, I'll take you to a glory hole, so you can get your throat raped, until some dude sprays his spermatozoa down your throat. Like hell, I won't!